Organic Vs. Manmade in the New Forest

My current project looks at the organic and manmade elements of the New Forest To begin the project, I gathered visual research by way of photographing my local area of the New Forest, capturing images of the natural, more obvious features alongside the mechanical features, which visitors to the area may not link to the New Forest, however I felt this needed to be documented within my research so that the outcome was perhaps less obvious than the 'typical' look at the New Forest. I have included photographs and drawings/collages from the initial research stages of my project.

Electricity pylon in the forest near Beaulieu
Looking up the middle of the electricity pylon, stood beneath it
Telecoms pylon near Burley
Dense forest of trees near Lyndhurst
Close up of bark
Looking up at the dense forest of trees through a fish eye lens
Cut through 'collage' from a photograph taken with a fish eye lens
Electricity pylon, hand stitched into paper
Collage inspired by the shapes within bark
Cut through 'collage' over newspaper for texture, also inspired by bark
Collage taken from a photograph of leaves

Cut through 'collage' of an electricity pylon

'Scribbled' electricity pylon cut through 'collage'


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