Welcome to my blog, this a small explanation on what I do...

I use a combination of print and hand stitch to produce themes for interiors. I am most inspired by my surroundings and like to capture this through photography, using these photographs to create drawings; I produce designs by hand and also using digital processes. My designs generally tend to be geometric, consistent with my chosen techniques, and they move from the realistic to the abstract during the development process. Hand stitched wallpaper has been a strong focus of mine over the past year and, although time consuming, has given me a bespoke, high-end finish, making my designs more personalised. Part of my process is to produce original designs in stitch or screen print, which would be customised to individual taste, but could then be developed digitally for a broader market.

I plan to regularly upload images of my work through it's various stages. At this point, I am currently nearing the end of a Textiles Degree at the Arts University Bournemouth therefore the first collection of imagery will be what I have produced during my time at university and the project I am currently working on.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon to see what I create



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