Digital Developments

I have been experimenting with digital designs since starting university. Using Photoshop and a small amount of Illustrator I create designs that I wouldn't generally tend to print by hand. I have included some digital imagery from my current project to show how I tend to introduce this techniques into my design work.

Tree placement design, which I have also screen printed. I feel that my digital designs can be recreated using a variety of techniques.
A digital design that derived from a hand stitched piece I created. I scanned the back of the stitched piece and used Photoshop to create the piece shown here.
Digital design inspired by electricity pylons and bark. I have screen printed this design, however I feel it works much better when seen as a digital idea.
This design came from a photograph of trees reflected in a pond. I have created a horizontal repeat which I feel works well as a furnishing fabric.

Thanks for reading.


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