Further Fabric Development

Following on from the beginning stages of my project, I have continued to experiment further with stitch and print techniques. This has enabled me to create a variety of designs that will aid me when leading onto putting together my final collection of fabrics and wallpapers for a home interior. Below I have included a selection of screen printed and digitally printed fabrics. I will include images of my paper developments within my next post.

Screen printed design using stencils, I printed with an exposed screen to create the texture.
Leaves design screen printed using stencils. This was time consuming to both cut and print, but the overall outcome makes the time spent worth while.
Geometric design screen printed using stencils, I was pleased with quite how crisp this design printed due to the 'dainty' nature of the cut stencil.
Branches design screen printed using stencils, the scribbled areas were printed using an exposed screen. 
Design inspired by pine trees, screen printed using stencils. The stencils for this print were very time consuming and fiddly to cut, therefore I have considered having this design digitally printed at a later date.
This is a design inspired by bark that I have had digitally printed onto cotton drill fabric. I was pleased with the outcome and therefore intend to take this onto my final collection.
A screen printed repeat design of a 'stylised' tree using stencils.
Geometric design inspired by electricity pylons, screen printed using stencils and an exposed screen was printed with to create the texture.
Design inspired by both bark and electricity pylons, printed using hand cut stencils.

Stay tuned for further paper developments including screen print and handstitch.

Thanks for reading.


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