Project beginnings

I began the sampling stage of my project by experimenting with screen printing using stencils, which I feel gives me more freedom when wanting to alter my design ideas. I have also trialled my designs using stitch into paper which is a technique that I have been developing whilst at university. The final technique shown here is that of a paper cut that I have sandwiched between two layers of plastic, making the outcome sturdy and suitable for a range of interior uses. The inspiration for the pieces below have derived from the photographs shown previously.

Screen printed trees design onto fabric
Geometric design inspired by electricity pylons screen printed onto fabric
Altered scales using the same design shown above
Placement design, again inspired by electricity pylons, screen printed onto fabric
Geometric design stitched into paper
Design inspired by the patterns within bark, stitched into paper
Design also inspired by the patterns within bark, paper cut sandwiched between two pieces of plastic


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