Putting Design Ideas into Context

Throughout my project, I have continually put my ideas into context, whether that be paper based or fabric. I did this so that I could gage the scale of design, and test what would work in the context I wanted my designs to be seen in. I have included images of a small selection of my design ideas put into context. The photos that I have placed my designs into, were taken at the Made 'Ninth Floor Showroom', at Notting Hill Gate, London. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to take photographs at this location to create my visualisations. 

Design inspired by bark visualised as covering an armchair.
Electricity pylon and bark inspired design visualised on the main cushions of a sofa cover.
Geometric design inspired by electricity pylons, visualised using a 'flat' image, which simplifies the context and allows for one to see the detail of the design.
Trees placement design, visualised as a duvet/quilt, due to the size of the design  I felt this the most appropriate way to show the idea in context.
Leaves design visualised as a wallpaper. Using tools on Photoshop I have been able to reveal the shadows that naturally show against the wall, making the visualisation look more true to life.
Tree placement design visualised as a wallpaper, I feel the dark tones within the design help it to suit the colours within the photograph.

I would like to thank the people at the Made Showroom for allowing me to take photographs at their premises. If you would like any more information about the company here is the web address...


Thanks for reading.


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