I have been unable to post for some time now due to university deadlines. But I have now had my final hand in and after some time to wind down I can begin creating yet again! I have included some photographs of some of the final pieces from my final project of university. The techniques seen here are, hand stitch into paper, digitally printed fabric and screen print onto fabric and paper.
I experimented photographing my pieces outside, both in my garden in the forest, from which my designs originated. The natural lighting enabled me to capture the detail of my stitched pieces especially.

Screen printed fabric piece with a small amount of stitch detail
Screen printed and hand stitched wallpaper piece
Hand stitched geometric wallpaper idea
Screen printed wallpaper piece, inspired by leaves
Geometric paper cut, sandwiched between layers of transparent acrylic
Hand stitched wallpaper piece
Screen printed fabric piece
Screen printed fabric piece
Digitally printed fabric design

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