New Project - Collaboration

An illustrator friend and I have decided to collaborate in order to create  pieces to show in an exhibition based around the New Forest. I have only recently completed a project of a similar nature, however I feel that there is still a lot to explore, and the collaborative outcomes will differ from what I produced previously. Having said this, I do intend to show a few of the pieces from my last project because they are large in size and I feel would suit the space in which we intend to show our work.

Katy Harrald is the Illustrator I will be collaborating with:

'Katy Harrald is an Illustrator based in the New Forest, specialising in traditional graphite drawings and watercolours. Drawing inspiration from both the mathematics in nature and all thing Byzantine. She will be beginning her third and final year of her degree at the Arts University Bournemouth, in Illustration later on this year.'

You are able to keep up to date with her work on Tumblr.

From the description here, her style is rather different to my own which we hope will result in some interesting outcomes, whereby we will be able to gain ideas and inspiration from one another.

To begin gathering inspiration we went out to the forest to take photographs, and I found that I was using my telephoto (zoom) lens rather a lot which resulted in much more detailed, close-up images, different to that of my previous project.

Photographs taken on a visit to the New Forest
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