A Look Back : Part 1

I have decided to show some work that I created at uni, aside from my final project. This post will show a project completed in my second year, it was based around an exhibition that was being held at Walford Mill, 'a contemporary craft venue in Wimborne showcasing local and national makers'. 'Jewels from Brazil'  was the name of the exhibition that I and others from my course displayed our work, to support the 'beautiful and contemporary pieces of jewellery made from materials found in the maker's environment, including recycled plastic and tree bark.'
I was greatly inspired by the jewellery that was to be displayed and this is where many of my main themes came from for my final pieces for the project.

The photos below show my initial drawings and starting points for my design work.

Below are the outcomes from the project, I experimented with stitching into paper using a sewing machine, and combining this technique with reverse appliqué. I also tried using wood to ensure my pieces were cohesive with the jewellery on display. I began to really experiment with digital design within this project as I was introduced to the possibility of digital print onto fabric. The final technique that I discovered and enjoyed was paper cut, which I have continued to experiment with to this day.

And finally, these photos show my pieces in the gallery space, the curator of the exhibition was in charge of the lay out and look of how the work was displayed. At that time I had no experience of displaying work, and therefore was glad of this, but it also inspired me and gave me ideas on how to display my work in the future.

I particularly liked the way this piece was displayed, giving three dimensionality to an otherwise two dimensional creation.

Seeing work I have done previously inspires me to improve and experiment more with these same ideas. 

Thanks for reading.

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