A Look Back : Part 2

Continuing from from my last post, this one will look at another project completed during my second year at uni. This was based on a subject of my choosing, therefore the title I chose was 'Coastal', I kept this relatively vague as at the start I wasn't sure exactly which aspect of the coast I wanted to focus on, however knew, for sure, that I wanted the coast to be my starting point because of its locality and the distinct link that I have to the coast itself. My aim for this project was to produce a collection of samples for interiors, such as wallpapers and fabrics.

Gathering my own imagery was the best way for me to begin this project, therefore I journeyed to various places near me along the south coast, these included, Poole, Milford on Sea, Lymington, and Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, among other places.

Taking photographs was my first step to gathering imagery and inspiration because this enables me to see scenes from different angles and really focus on the main feature within the frame.

Following this, drawings were produced in order to gain a sense of styling that my outcomes will take on. I really began to experiment with my drawing styles throughout this project, using materials other than a black pen! I found that collage was a good way of expressing the textures seen in costal areas. 

This then led me on to creating samples for an interior space, and this project was were I began looking at designing and making wallpaper samples, because of the use of paper in the previous project. As well as using screen print and digital techniques I used hand stitch to translate my designs onto paper, although this was a time consuming process, the result was rewarding, and as it happens this technique is one I developed throughout third year, and was one of the most successful techniques I used during my time at university. 

I feel that I really began to discover my own 'style' within this project, and I would like to revisit the designs produced to reinvigorate them and try out new techniques using these ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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