A Look Back : Part 3

Linking to my last two 'A Look Back' posts, this one looks at my first project completed during my final year of university.
Unlike projects beforehand, I really struggled to gain inspiration for this one, travelling to Oxford and London to various museums in order to try and spark any ideas for the interiors collection I was intending to design. It was at the science museum in London where this idea came about, I spotted a typewriter and was intrigued by the shape and the intricate details. I was able to do a few drawings from this typewriter however wasn't able to really see the detail. Luckily when I explained this to my father, he informed me that we had a typewriter in the attic. This made me much more excited about idea and I was able to move on with the project looking at not only the typewriter, but other 'artefacts' that I was able to source from my visits. The idea that I was interested in the items I was drawing inspiration from, led me to the title of the project and was so named 'Curiosity'.

Below are the initial photographs and drawings. Whilst experimenting with different techniques, and researching into artists that used typewriters to create art, I also tried this which I felt was successful, and although this didn't continue throughout my project, I did use lettering to create texture in future sampling. The image in the bottom left of this collage is a stitched drawing, which was initially drawn by pencil without looking at the page, this created a illusion of the typewriter but enabled me to inject some of my geometric styling into the idea.

Here are some of the samples and final outcomes from this project. Stitching into paper and plastics became a large part of my sampling, because it suited the type of imagery I was working with and was a technique that I generally enjoy doing. I was able to create a majority of my imagery using the original typewriter stitched drawing, selecting certain areas and being able to gain geometric shapes and repeat designs.

This was one of my favourite outcomes from the project, it was inspired by the buttons on the typewriter and comprised of two layers of plastic which had holes drilled into them and were separated slightly, then many french knots were sewn. The look and feel of this piece is somewhat different to other pieces within my final collection because of the texture and lack of geometric qualities, this however, helped to complete my collection.

Thanks for reading.

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