The images within this post have been inspired by windows and I have as with the previous post the photographs are ones that I have taken in the past, but recently rediscovered them and they have made me want to start making and creating again.

This photograph was taken at the Dorset County Museum in Dorchester, I was particularly drawn to the contrast between the dark and light colour within the image. I recreated the image by doing a cut through (left) and a stitched piece (right). Although exactly the same image was used for each of these pieces, they seem to look different, due to the colours and line quality within each piece.

This photograph was taken in the New Forest village of Brockenhurst. The bold lines within the photograph inspired me to create a stitched piece which reflects the geometric tudor styling.

Chichester Cathedral provided the imagery here, I was inspired by the ornate styling, rather different to that of my own, I was also drawn to the symmetry of the window. The technique used to the recreate the image is paper cut, which I feel has an opulent feel due to the colours used.

Thanks for reading.

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