I have always been fascinated by wrought ironwork, therefore the ironwork section in the Victoria and Albert Museum is always a good source of inspiration for me. Two of the photographs from this post were in fact taken there.
The style of ironwork differs to that of my own, however it tends to suit the techniques that I use, and here, for the most part this is paper cut.

Both of these photographs were taken at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in the aforementioned ironwork exhibition. I liked the symmetry that ran through the first piece, whereby I was able to mirror the design once I had worked out only one side, these pieces are done using paper cut and ink respectively.
I was also inspired by the symmetry in the image below, but to add variety to my work, I decided to focus on one part of the piece, where I have done so, it will allow me, in the future to use the imagery to create my own design.

 This final piece is a simple drop repeat pattern I created using part of the door handle as my starting image. Once again, cut through was my chosen technique for this design, it was layered over graph paper to add a different, unrelated texture to the piece, disassociating itself from it's origin of ironwork.

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