Small Creations

Having taken somewhat of a break from drawing, I decided to ease myself back into it by doing a series of postcard sized images. This made me look at detail as well as the 'bigger picture', I also made myself stray from my chosen technique of paper cut, and try out other drawing techniques to diversify my outcomes (I did give in and create some paper cut pieces however!). Shown below are the images I produced along with the photographs that inspired them.

Helen Eager
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Sydney Skyline

Sydney Opera House

Untitled Maquette for Sculptures
Margel Hinder
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Syndey Harbour Bridge

Whilst over in Australia I was particularly inspired by the Aboriginal art, with the different textures and interesting concepts. I just really liked the way images and patterns were created using a series of mark making techniques.

'The Universe'
Gulumbu Yunpingu Garak
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney

'Untitles (Jupiter Well to Tjukula)'
Uta Uta Tjangala
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Thanks for reading.

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