Cross Stitch

From a young age cross stitch has been a pastime that I have always enjoyed doing. Over the last few months I have completed some cross stitch kits, although I like to create my own designs, these kits in particular drew my eye.

This first cross stitch was the most challenging, firstly the size of it, being around 50cm by 36cm, which is much larger than I had anticipated when I bought it! Also there is rather a lot of intricate detail over the entire piece, however, because this is a sampler, I was able to break it up by doing a square (or letter) at a time.

The next two pieces are less complex however I like the simplicity of them in comparison to the one shown above. One used blackwork stitches, which is a stitch technique that I have used for inspiration in the past, and continue to admire to this day. The other piece includes a phrase I use on a daily basis, which is why I 'needed' it!

Thanks for reading.

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