Lemoyne Star Quilt

I have made several quilts over that last few years using basic patchwork techniques, simply sewing squares together, however this is what I consider to be my first 'proper' quilt. 
I have wanted to experiment with more exciting quilt blocks for some time now, however wasn't able to find book that had patterns that were easy to follow. I then came across '500 Quilt Blocks' by Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green, which makes the process so simple, with step by step instructions for cutting and assembling each quilt block throughout the book. So far, I have only attempted the lemoyne star block, as I knew this was what I wanted to use for my quilt.
It took me a while to gather the fabric for the quilt, this wasn't a process I wanted to rush as I knew that I wanted this quilt to last a long time. This quilt means something to me because I bought some of the fabric whilst I was in Australia, so a reminder of my trip and the memories created when I was there.
Here are some photographs of the finished quilt.

Thanks for reading.

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