The Crafter's Guide to Papercutting - Part 1

At last, I got my hands on the book 'The Crafter's Guide to Papercutting' by Emily Hogarth. I have had my eye on it ever since I got 'Papercutting for Special Occasions' also by Emily Hogarth. I find these books brilliant for inspiration when it comes to my own designs as the style is fairly similar to my own, therefore I am able to relate to the artwork within the book.
'The Crafters Guide to Papercutting' has a section at the beginning of the book detailing how one can go about designing there own paper cuts, and although I have done this before, I gratefully take on board more knowledge on the matter, as I want to continuously improve my designing skills, not only for this technique, but across the board.
The book also has a wide variety of designs for one to try themselves. This post (part 1) and my next post (part 2) will include a selection of photographs taken of the paper cuts that I have done using the designs in the book.
I enjoyed the process of cutting these designs, they seemed very 'scalpel friendly', if that makes sense! This will make me think when I next design for paper cuts, because these made me realise more than anything that tight curves are rather difficult to's a good job my style of design leans toward geometric, which I find easiest to cut.

Look out for the next group of paper cuts from the book in my blog post next week.
'The Crafter's Guide to Papercutting' by Emily Hogarth is available here.

Thanks for reading.

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