I have, for a long time, wanted to try willow weaving, whether that be in the form of a basket or decorations. I wanted to go on a day or weekend course to learn the art of basket weaving, however can't seem to find one that is local and when I am available.
Whilst researching this online, I discovered that one can buy the materials along with instructions on ebay, therefore I took the plunge and decided to order a Christmas kit for myself.
The kit had everything in to enable one to create a Kissing Bough, a wreath, and a number of small christmas trees and stars. When purchasing this, I (perhaps) naively thought that the willow would be ready to work with as soon as it got to me. But alas it had to be soaked for around 3 days in order for it to be pliable enough to bend without snapping.
After 3 days in the bath tub, I was able to begin creating the willow shapes. So far, I have only made the stars and a tree, but I do intend to make the wreath and Kissing Bough in the future. I found the process of willow weaving challenging to begin with, but as soon as the had the hang of it, it became easier.
This experience certainly has not put me off the idea of willow weaving, and I will be keeping my eye out for local courses so that I can experiment and create bigger and better willow creations.

Thanks for reading.

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