Working with Leather

I have recently been experimenting with leather, using it to make purses and key rings, I was inspired to do so by the leather purse kit as seen in this post. As soon as I had finished that purse I got straight online looking for the tools I would need, along with a supplier of scrap leather and cotton cord...once I have an idea in my head I march ahead!

Firstly I made simple coin purses, which are big enough to fit cards in. The first batch of scrap leather I bought didn't really work out, as a lot of it was too small for me to use for this purpose; therefore so that it didn't go to waste, I decided to make some key rings.

I loved the entire process of making all of these products, from creating the template, to punching holes in the leather, and finally stitching it together to reveal the final outcome.
I still have plenty of leather left over from making these, and I intend to do some more research on what else I can make using leather, perhaps utilising some new techniques, that I have yet to approach.

Thanks for reading.

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