Cross Stitch 2

During the cold winter evenings, I like to have a project on the go whilst watching television, therefore I searched Amazon for some reasonably priced cross stitches to keep me busy.

The first kit I received was 'New Home' cross stitch by Anchor, I liked the design of this one due to the different levels and the fact it involved keys, which I have used in the past to create my own designs. I was able to complete this cross stitch fairly quickly because it wasn't overly big, but it creates impact due to the bright colours used throughout the piece. 
I have kept the pattern for this so that I can recreate it in the future using different colours.

The second kit I received was 'Purple Bells' by Rilios. I have done a cross stitch by Riolis before therefore I knew what to expect with the thread that comes with the kit; it contains wool, so is 'fluffier' than your normal embroidery silk, however I find this helps to conceal any flaws. I was drawn to this kit again, because of the design and vibrant colours. I am also inspired by the composition within the piece and feel that this may help me with my designs in the future.

Thanks for reading.

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