Mosaic Dish

Being someone that likes to discover and try out new techniques in order to expand my knowledge base and continue to be inspired to make and create, I decided that my next foray would be mosaic. I have always liked the idea of trying out creating a mosaic, and have in the past, made paper collages imitating mosaic styling, so thought it was about time to have a go at the real thing.
I searched online for starter kits, as I wanted a guide to follow and all the tools needed, which I found in this mosaic dish starter kit. The kit comes with a bamboo dish, tiles, glue, grout, detailed instructions and a cutting tool, which I felt really made the kit great value for money as this tool can be used for countless mosaic projects.
You get more than enough tiles in the kit to complete the mosaic, so one is able to create their own design if they wish, or follow the one given with the kit. Personally I used the design that came with the kit as a rough guide, because this is my first attempt I wanted to use as much guidance as I could so that I was able to get the hang of putting a design together for the styling used for this technique.

The steps for making the mosaic are as follows:

Layout the tiles in your desired pattern and use the glue to stick them down.

 Mix together the grout powder with water until it is 'the consistency of soft mashed potatoes', and use a gloved hand, or a spatula to spread the mixture over the entire surface.

Once this has been left for 20 minutes begin removing this excess grout with dry newspaper, and once this has been left to set for an hour, the whole piece can be wiped with a damp sponge. 
Then one is left with a completed mosaic dish.

 Thanks for reading.

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