Beaulieu Motor Museum: Part 1

Beaulieu Motor Museum is popular attraction, pretty much on my doorstep (well, a ten minute drive away), and somewhere that I had yet to visit. So, after living her for almost twenty years, I figured it was about time I went to see what it was all about.
I thought that I could gain some inspiration from a source that I had yet to draw ideas from...the automotive industry. I was interested in this because I have in the past looked at mechanical imagery and geometric styling, so this was just another step in that direction.
I went with my camera in hand, as always, so that I could snap away then sift through the photographs and pick out the ones that inspire me the most.
Here are the first two pieces that I created from my trip to the Motor Museum, the first being the stitched outline of a car, which I was drawn to because of the prominent features that work well when shown in a simple outline. The second image shown is a car horn, I went through and selected sections of it and coloured these by hand, this was an extremely time consuming process however I am pleased with the overall outcome, and have not been put off trying this idea again.

If you would like more information about Beaulieu Motor Museum, please visit the website,

Thanks for reading.

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