Beaulieu Motor Museum: Part 2

Following on from my previous post about Beaulieu Motor Museum, here I show some more drawings taken from the photographs I took whilst I was there. Using a drawing technique that is guaranteed to gain me imagery, I set about simply drawing small images without looking at what I was doing, concentrating only on the photograph in front of me. This technique results in some outcomes I am able to work with and draw inspiration from, and some that I will just disregard.
I have yet to create any imagery from these first three drawings, however I haven't completely ruled the idea out, I have simply been inspired more so, by the two shown below. 

I used the negative space seen in the drawing above to create this image, using black ink to fill the space.

I used this image to create a paper cut, which I think works well and I intend to create more paper cuts in this style, breaking away from my safe ground, being, bold geometric shapes.

Thanks for reading.

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