Crochet Pouf

A short while ago I decided that I would quite like to crochet a pouf out of old jersey t -shirts, cutting them into lengths of ‘yarn’ to crochet with. Immediately after I’d had this thought I warned my family not to throw away any t-shirts, however this was before I raided my drawers, only to discover I had almost enough to complete a pouf! The photo below shows the balls of yarn created by cutting up the t-shirts.

 I was able to complete this project in less than 2 days, a 10mm crochet hook and thick t-shirt yarn crochets up much quicker than I anticipated. This project actually ended up costing me absolutely nothing (which I find is always a bonus) and this is because we happened to have an old beanbag lying around which I was able to take the inner bag out of to use for the inside of my pouf. However this does mean that one can see the white inner bag through the gaps within the crochet, I'm not so keen on how this looks but it's not so obvious from a distance! I like the random colours and stripes that have appeared throughout the design, simply due to my moving to the next ball of yarn as I finished the previous ball, purposefully not paying attention to how many rounds I crocheted with each colour so as to make a much more unique construction.

Thanks for reading.

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