Since encountering Scandinavian design and realizing my love for it, I have done plenty of research into different designers that influence my style of design. Whilst at uni I looked at the work of Tove Jansson who was the author and illustrator of the Moomin books, however I personally remember the Moomins as a television series. My discovery of Jansson at this later stage in my life took me back to my childhood bringing back memories and wanting to solidify these memories into a character, I decided to make myself a Moonmintroll! The technique used to make this was crochet, the pattern for which can be found here.  I found this pattern very easy to follow, however, I did eradicate the fingers and altered the pattern for the feet as I simply found the ones included in the pattern too fiddly to crochet. This was a fun little project for me it didn’t take too long at all, which I like about crochet over knitting, I find the pieces tend to come together much quicker and are easier to assemble once all of the components have been completed.

Thanks for reading.

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