A Spanish Break

I have just got back from spending a few days away in Benidorm, which is part of the Costa Blanca on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We hadn't been to mainland Spain before this trip, instead visiting the Canary and Balearic Islands.
We were lucky to have some lovely weather whilst there, I've been able to top up my tan from Australia! We visited the area with some slight trepidation, because we were aware of the reputation that Benidorm seems to have, but this is why we were so intrigued to go and check it out. We were surprised by how much we liked it there, and I most certainly have not been put off going back in the future.
We spent most of our time exploring Benidorm on foot, but took an organised trip to the Algar Waterfalls (Les Fonts del L'Algar) which was well worth the visit as it is a beautiful area.
I didn't take too many photos while I was away, however I have included a few below.

Sunset over Levante Beach
Another sunset over Levante Beach
Algar Waterfalls (Les Fonts de L'Algar), Algar
View over Benidorm and Levante Beach from Balcon del Mediterraneo 
Pillars at the Balcon del Mediterraneo

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