Paper Cuts - From Start to Finish

I recently created a video detailing how I go about creating my paper cuts, from photographing the subject, to creating the design, and finally cutting the piece.
I rather enjoyed the process of making my last video, showing how I create my screen printed cushions, view here, so thought it would be nice to show the process behind how exactly I come up with the designs for my paper cuts.
I notice that a lot of paper cut artists will draw out designs by hand, however hand drawing is most certainly not my strong point, therefore my photographs and Photoshop really are my friend when it comes to designing! In fact photography is one of my passions, so it's good that I am able to combine two of the things I love (photography and paper cutting) in one work of art.
Without further ado, here is the new video showing how I create my paper cuts, from start to finish.

I do take commissions, therefore if you are interested in discussing a custom piece with me, feel free to email

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