Lulworth Cove

Whilst over in Dorset visiting the monkeys (see my previous post for context!) I decided to take a little jaunt down to the coast. For me, it was a choice between Lulworth Cove or Durdle Door, and by the title of this can guess where I ended up!
I hadn't been to this part of the Jurassic Coast for a number of years, and this trip only made me want to go back, explore, and of course take lots of photographs.
Without further ado, here are some of the photographs I took that day, along with some paper cut pieces that I have created from them. These paper cuts were purely experimental, trying out different ideas, seeing what works and such, they aren't as detailed as what I usually set out to do, but they have given me ideas as to what I can create in the future.

Lulworth Cove 
Cliff faces at Lulworth
Rock texture with my paper cut interpretation, I was inspired by the different shapes I was able to pick out within the texture of the cliff face. This is an idea that I may revisit in the future.

Rope with my paper cut interpretation, again, this was experimental, but helped me to look at composition within my pieces, a skill that I shall carry forward.
Pebbles on the beach at Lulworth Cove 
Buoys with my paper cut interpretation

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