Monkey World

Recently I have been looking for more inspiration, and I sought this in the form of...MONKEYS! Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Wareham, Dorset is only around an hour from me so I decided to visit to get some photos from which to create some new designs.
I was most looking forward to capturing both the Chimpanzees and the Orang-utans  because I think these both have distinctive features which I felt would suit my style of design. 
It turns out that the monkeys were much harder to capture than I have anticipated, with glass reflections into darkened enclosures and chain link fences in the way. I was able to photograph any that stayed still long enough for me to focus past any obstacles in the way, however unfortunately I was not able to get any images of the excuse to go back when the weather is warmer!

Chimpanzee in the outdoor enclosure 
Chimpanzee and my paper cut interpretation - this took a few attempts to design, it's quite different from any animal I've designed before, I am pleased with the outcome, however I think I may revisit this one in the future to improve it further
Chimpanzee under a blanket in the indoor enclosure 
Chimpanzee and my paper cut interpretation - this was done after the one above, I learnt lessons from that one, so this one was much quicker and easier to design as I already had a guide to go by
Two Golden Cheeked Gibbons huddled up against the cold
Capuchin Monkey 
Not a monkey however I saw this robin and snapped a quick photograph and was inspired to create this paper cut using a few different coloured backing papers to give the obvious effect of a robin
If you would like more information about Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre, please visit the website:

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