Cornwall...Once Again!

In February I was lucky enough to spend a week in Cornwall - only a matter on months after my last trip down there in September last year.
This time I stayed in a different area, a place called Duporth, near St Austell. I also had company in the shape of George...

Not only was it nice to have company, but this also meant that I had a driver, I don't mind the Cornish roads for the most part, however we did come across some VERY narrow roads, which made me glad I didn't have to navigate my way round them!
Anyway...on to the photos. The ones I am showing in this post are of the beach closest to where we were staying, Duporth Beach. This was a very quiet beach because it is only accessible via the South West Coastal Path or through a locked gate which we were able to use, as the code is given to the people staying in the area in which we were.

The view from where we stayed
Panoramic of the beach
The view just as you step off the coastal path
As you will see from this, and the next few images, I was inspired by the textures I discovered at the beach, this one being the pebbles, which my paper cut interpretation
Rock texture with my paper cut interpretation
More rock texture with my paper cut interpretation
Small waves 
Detail from the rock pools
The beach as the sun was setting

Keep an eye out for the next blog in this series which will be coming up next week!

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