I find that a trip to Cornwall isn't complete without a trip to the only city in the county - Truro. I mainly wanted to go because, a couple of years ago I had a very good cream tea there, and needed to go back for another. We were able to find 'Bambu Cafe' (more info here) and we were not disappointed!

Cream tea at Bambu Cafe - as you can see...I forgot to take a photo before I'd started demolishing it!
I knew that I wanted to photograph the Cathedral whilst I was there, in order to create a paper cut design. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, however my phone did a very good job at capturing the amount of detail I needed, in order to create the design.
Here is the design I created, along with the photo that inspired it to give a sense of detail I was able to include.

This post marks an end to my Cornish blog post series...however I have plans to go back later this year so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Thanks for reading.



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