Screen Printed T-Shirts

Whilst racking my brains for an Easter present for George (he doesn't like chocolate, so an Easter Egg was off the cards!) I figured I would create something personal for him. 
Firstly I designed a paper cut using one of his photographs of a crocodile eye, and while cutting this, I thought that it would make a good t-shirt design, therefore decided on just that...he also likes big cats, so I also decided to screen print a t-shirt with my lion design on too. 
I cut the stencils for these screen prints by hand, then used 'Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink' to screen print the designs onto the shirts, and I am very pleased with the results.
I wanted to photograph these for this post, so when he was down in the New Forest, I dragged him and Bertie (my dog) out to capture some photos, and here are the you will be able to tell, it's not just Bertie who is a poser!
I'll start with the serious photos...

Then onto the not so serious photos...and some of the dog (of course).

The crocodile eye was designed as a one off, however if you are interested in a paper cut of the lion design, please visit Walter & May where it is available to purchase.

Thank you for reading



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