Buckler's Hard

In June, I took a trip to Buckler's Hard in Beaulieu, New Forest. Buckler's Hard is a former 18th Century shipbuilding village located on the banks of the Beaulieu River. Although a tourist attraction, the houses in Buckler's Hard have residents who live there all the time.
It seemed so serene there, especially when sat down by the river, simply looking out and watching the world go by.

Here are selection of photos from the day, along with some paper cuts that I was inspired to create.

Houses at Buckler's Hard 

Buckler's Hard Houses with my paper cut interpretation.
I have started to gain inspiration again from textures. This is something I was encouraged to do throughout university, and have decided to revisit the idea now.
Close up of the brick paper cut 
Daisy flower
Cow Parsnip
Reeds by the river 
A yacht on Beaulieu River with my paper cut interpretation
Close up of the yacht paper cut

If you would like more information about Buckler's Hard please visit the link to their website below:

Thanks for reading.



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