Extreme Sailing Series - Cardiff

I was in Cardiff Bay during the final weekend of August, while the Extreme Sailing Series was taking place.
George, being a sailor himself, wanted to watch the boats racing, so naturally I went too, and of course took my camera with me. So that we (he) could get a good view, I was treated to an afternoon tea at St. Davids Hotel, which I would greatly recommend!

And here are some of the other photos I took of the sailing and around the Bay that weekend. As per usual, along with some of the paper cuts I created inspired by those photos.

The St. David's Hotel and my paper cut interpretation
Close up of the St. David's Hotel paper cut 

Ferris Wheel and my paper cut interpretation 
Close up of my ferris wheel paper cut

For more information on The St. David's Hotel, please visit the website:

And, for more information on the Extreme Sailing Series, please visit the website:

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