Back in August I was lucky enough to go to Fowey, Cornwall, for the regatta weekend. Not only did I get to explore the lovely seaside town, but I also helped George (the boyfriend) take photos at an event that he was helping run...hence the photos of Pusser's Rum!
Here are some of the photographs I captured over the weekend.

I really enjoyed photographing at the event, playing around with the different angles for the still images of the bottles, and also experimenting with capturing people. I'm not at my most comfortable when taking photos in this way, because I can't be so in control, but I relished the challenge and would be prepared to give it a go again in the future.
I also created a paper cut of the logo of Pusser's Rum, because it was just shouting out to be made into one! See below for the event/product photos and logo paper cut.

To explain the next two paper cut designs. I saw the boats out racing on the water and immediately thought that I could use the boat silhouette to create a fairly simple repeat pattern. However once I started playing around on Photoshop, I ended up creating two designs. They do look similar, simple because I used the same initial element, but configured it in an alternative design. 

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