Castell Coch

George and I decided to visit Castell Coch at the end of August. I had seen it amongst the trees when driving past numerous times and it always intrigued me - therefore it was about time for a visit.

Castell Coch is a 19th Century Gothic revival castle in South Wales. I was redesigned by Architect, William Burges, who also designed Cardiff Caste. We have visited Cardiff Castle as well so it was interesting to compare the two as we were walking around.

I was mostly drawn to the patterns, specifically on the ceilings. I have learnt to ensure that I take in the entirety of a room - including looking up, it's very much worth it sometimes!

Here are some of my photos from the visit, along with the paper cut designs that they inspired.

The Drawing Room Ceiling
Lady Bute's Bedroom Ceiling and my paper cut interpretation
Close up of my ceiling paper cut 

Dining Hall Walls and my paper cut interpretation - I created a pattern using elements of design on the walls of the dining hall in the castle
Close up of my dining walls pattern
Brick texture on the exterior of the castle and my paper cut interpretation
Close up of my brick texture paper cut

If you would like more information on Castell Coch, please visit the website:

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