Cornish Birds of Prey Centre

Back in September, I found myself back in Cornwall for a week away with George.
We decided to visit the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre. We missed the flight displays for the day, but there was still plenty to see.
Birds are among one of my favourite subjects to design and cut due to the nature of how the feathers lie, they can almost be therapeutic to cut.

Here are my photos from the day along with some of the designs that they inspired.

Barn Owl
Great Grey Owl
Snowy Owl

Harris Hawk with my paper cut interpretation
Harris Hawk paper cut close up
Harris Hawk with my paper cut interpretation 
Harris Hawk paper cut close up
Peregrine Falcon 
Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot
African Grey Parrot with my paper cut interpretation
African Grey Parrot paper cut close up

For more information on the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre, please visit the website:

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