Paper Cuts for Advent - Part 1

This year, I set myself a challenge to create a new paper cut piece for the 24 days of advent. As we are still part way through, this post will show the first 12 pieces that I designed and cut, and next weeks post will show the final 12 paper cuts.

I have relished this challenge, and is something I may try again as I was able to come up with some completely new designs, some of which may become staples in my online collection for sale!

Without further ado, here are the days one through to twelve.

Day 1 - Bath Cathedral 
Day 2 - Ranunculus
Day 3 - New Forest Pony
Day 4 - Spider Mum Chrysanthemum 
Day 5 - Bertie the Cocker Spaniel
Day 6 - Sheep
Day 7 - Leopard
Day 8 - Bald Eagle
Day 9 - A Reminder of Home
Day 10 - Fern
Day 11 - Sydney Harbour Bridge
Day 12 - Sway Tower

Tune in next week for the following 12 paper cuts, or take a look at my social media where I have been posting these each day.

Thanks for reading.



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