The Eden Project... Again!

In September, I took my third visit to the Eden Project within a year - not that I'm complaining, it is one of my favourite tourist attractions in Cornwall.
See these posts for more information on my last two visits:

The main difference on this trip to the Eden Project was that we were able to go up to the Rainforest Lookout, which is situated at the top of the biome. For someone that isn't all that good with heights, it was an interesting climb up, but well worth it for the views of the biome from above!

No need to explain anymore...see below for my photos from the visit and some of the designs that they inspired.
Be warned - Dahlia's feature heavily! I love designing and cutting those flowers in particular as I think they suit my style really well.

For more information about the Eden Project, please visit the website:

Thanks for reading.



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