Christmas at Chatsworth

*This post is a little delayed, however I didn't want to leave it out entirely!*

Just before Christmas last year, I took a visit to Chatsworth in the Peak District. The festive decorations were all based around Charles Dickens' best known works.

As always, I captured many photographs on the day. Both inside the house, of all the Christmas decorations, and in the beautiful grounds. In fact, I'd like to go back one day to explore the grounds and gardens further - perhaps when it's slightly warmer!

The house itself was full of amazing sights, and as usual, I spent a lot of time looking up at the ceilings. In stately homes, like this one, the ceilings are full of intricate details and murals.

Here are a selection of my photographs from the day. Along with the paper cut designs that they inspired.

Paper cut design inspired by the photograph above, of the windows in the ceiling
Close up of paper cut shown above

My paper cut interpretation of the ceiling design in the photograph above
Close up of above paper cut
Another close up!

Chair made from half dollar coins 
My paper cut interpretation of the half dollar coin chair
Close up of above paper cut

My paper cut interpretation of the exterior of Chatsworth House
Close up of Chatsworth house paper cut

For more information on Chatsworth, please visit the website:

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