Experimenting with Geometrics

I've always been a lover of geometric style artwork, and have managed to incorporate into a lot of my work over the years. This love of shapes and geometry came about whilst studying for my Textiles degree at University, we were encouraged to experiment a lot and geometric designs were my outcomes for the most part.

I decided to have a go with geometrics again, and while playing around with inks, I came up with some patterns, which I then digitised using Photoshop and created designs ready to cut and create with.

The first pattern painted with black ink
Six layer paper cut influenced by the above ink drawing
Close up of the six layer paper cut 
Layered triangle design hand stitched in paper 
Close up of the hand stitched piece
Another pattern created using black ink
Paper cut mandala style design created using the above painted pattern
Close up of the mandala style design
Another paper cut mandala style design created using the second painted pattern 
Close up of the above mandala style design
A paper cut repeat design, again created using the second ink painting as a starting point
Close up of the repeat pattern above

I have also been experimenting with paper cut text and quotes, look out for next weeks blog post for photos of those!

Thanks for reading.



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