Inspired by Sydney Opera House

Taking an image shown in this blog post I have used Photoshop to create a design inspired by Sydney Opera House. I then used two different techniques in order to bring the design from digital to handmade. The first two pieces I produced are essentially the same design, but in differing scales, however I felt that there may still be to much of a hint to the fact it was inspired by the Opera House, after all I like to make the viewer of a design have to think about the inspiration behind it, rather than guess straight away. Therefore I altered the design so that it was made out of straight lines, eliminating the curves that the Opera House is famous for. This has taken the design to another level, and I think I will continue to work with this design idea to see exactly how far I can push it in terms ending up with a design that may not look much like the original design at all.

Original line drawing

Paper cut of first design 
First design stitched into paper
Close up
Geometric design stitched into paper
Geometric design close up

Thanks for reading.

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